Thursday, April 02, 2009

So I've decided I need to be more green. I want to have a compost pile, but with 3 very nosey dogs, I'm not sure that's such a good idea. I get online and start looking up compost containers and get an idea for a compost tumbler... It's easier to move and turn the compost, so it's supposed to take less time. I started with a garbage can and drilled some big holes in it (all by myself :-)...

Like that...

I cut up some wire mesh and super glued it on the holes... hope it stays on there!

I put some leaves in (need to collect some kitchen scraps)...

I bungee'd the top on...
side note: THANK GOODNESS for all the warnings attached to the bungee cord:
  • Stretch cord carefully, uncontrolled release can cause severe injury to unprotected body parts, particularly eyes.
  • Keep face out of the direct path of a bungee cord in case it suddenly snaps back.
  • Do not stretch cord more than 50% of its original length (Example: 24 in. cord stretch 36 in. to maximum).
  • Overstretching cord can cause hook failure, resulting in sudden uncontrolled release.
  • Wear safety glasses when attaching and releasing.
  • Secure hooks carefully. Do not attach hook by its tip.

Who knows what could've happened had I not been warned and put on the appropriate eye wear!!!

I secured the lid and rolled.

Time spent: about an hour

Money spent: about $15

I'll follow up later and let you know if it was all worth it...

Any thoughts, pros, cons?

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