Thursday, December 30, 2010


Sharon and I met nicole and mariah (and cora) at akai hana. it was so delicious- I got a spicy scallop roll and a tofu dynamite roll... it was basically heaven.
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making gingerbread

Sharon, annika and I made gingerbread. Annika was so cute 'helping' with everything and talk-talk-talking the entire time. We had so much fun.
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Brin is so patient with zander and loves him so much! When they first saw eachother when we got home is was like they hadn't seen eachother in years with lots of hugs and big kisses. He's one of the few people that love my dogs as much as I do. Love him!
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Firestone Park

While I was home, we went to Firestone park to feed the birds. Usually when we go, we only get chickadees to land on our hands. This time, we got nut hatches and tit mice (yep, it's a kind of bird). It was super freezing cold, but so much fun!

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deep sea diver Brin

If you remember, Brin fell into the lake and I had to save her a couple months ago. Mom got her a submarine outfit for Christmas. Love it!
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crazy ears palmer

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Sunday, December 19, 2010


So I got a Droid and want to see if I can blog from it. If I can you'll probably be sick of all the posts soon :-)
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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The dogs, howling and being cute :-)

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Lexie's baptism was a couple weeks ago. It was so nice seeing everyone and of course, Lexie was adorable. She's so smiley and sweet.
Lexie and Boo (great grandpa)
Lexie and Papaw- She already has the guys wrapped around her little finger!
Look at this sweet face!
Lexie and her mama

Isn't my dad the cutest???
Bill's dad got season tickets for the Jackets and split them up between him and his sisters. We've had so much fun going to games!

this guy is at every game, wearing his lucky dangly blue jackets earring...
There hasn't been nearly enough fights so far at the games we've been at.

Monday, December 06, 2010

What the rip am I going to do about Christmas cards this year???
I haven't even THOUGHT about them yet. The choices are: buying a few boxes (eh...), taking a cute picture of the dogs (like the "hope your Christmas doesn't stink" with Brin in a skunk costume, or "have a super Christmas" with Brin in a super girl costume- like I did a few years ago), or crafting them (like last year). I'd really rather not just get a box, but time is ticking. If I could think of another cute saying for a picture with the dogs, I'd like to do that... but my brain hates being creative at the moment. That would be fast, and crafting cards always gets so involved and takes so long. Bleh... Any cute ideas? Is another dog Christmas card going to make me the crazy dog lady???

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

I decided I needed to learn how to crochet, so I watched a few youtube tutorials and jumped to it... This was my first project:
He's not perfect, however, he taught me all sorts of good stuff. First of all, my ADD may be too strong to crochet something that's turns out the way it's supposed to- my ability to count and keep track of where I am in a pattern/row/increasing/decreasing isn't quite what it should be. The tentacles aren't exactly the same size as a result, this octopus isn't an octopus; it's a septapus. I could only fit 7/8 tentacles on... I was also trying to make him smirk, which didn't work out too well- that's his third mouth. I was also unsure of how to attach the tentacles. The directions said "attach tentacles". I think for my first project, he's not too bad.