Thursday, September 18, 2008

Another school story:

Recess duty (for 2nd grade)

A little girl runs up to me and the other teacher,Mrs. M, on duty, points to another little girl that's hunched over and says,"I think she got kicked in the nuts!"

Mrs. M looks at her and says,"SHE doesn't have NUTS!"

At Noah's soccer game (he scored 3 goals!):

A little girl runs past us to the people sitting next to us and yells "I think you live near me!"

The nice people reply "oh yeah? Where do you live?" and she replies "in Ohio!"

(She must be my neighbor too! :-)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mom, Sharon, Noah, Charlie, Annika, Sarah, Josie, and me went to Rolling Ridge Ranch. We had so much fun feeding the animals and the petting zoo after. The kids loved it almost as much as I did!

The boys love helping papaw in the garden :-)

Sharon and I went to Cedar Point with her youth group. We drove up separatly and, of course, got lost. We could see the park (across the lake) just couldn't get to it!!!!

Eventually we got there and had a great time- Hopefully I'll get some of those pics and post those soon!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


This job has not been good for my ego...

I had a K class in my room and one of the kids was being difficult, not getting off of his computer. I asked him nicely a time or two, then helped him off his computer, telling him he needed to flip his card. When his teacher got to the room, this is the conversation that went on...

Me: D, why don't you tell Miss J why you need to flip your card.
(He rolls his eyes)
Me: Okay, I'll help you. Did you listen the first time I asked you nicely?
(shrugs his shoulders and sighs)
Me: How about the second or third time I asked you?
D looks up at me and asks: Is there ANYBODY more annoying than YOU????
A couple days later, I was doing lunch duty and a second grader called me a bitch. (Another teacher later asked, "Well, were you being one?" and just for the record, no)

A week after that, a 5th grader called me a retard.

It's a good thing my feelings aren't hurt easily...

because yesterday, a first grader ran up to me and gave me a big hug, stopped and put his hand on my stomach. He looked up at me and innocently asked, "Miss H, are you having a baby???" I said, "No" and he said "It sure looks like you are!" Good thing I've already been working out and losing a bit of "baby" weight.

Oh my goodness...
As most of you know, I became an aunt 3 more times within the past couple months and I've blogged about both of my new nieces. Zander was born December 9th and lives in South Dakota :-( I haven't met Zander yet, but can't wait to- he's so adorable!!
I'm in aunt heaven!


I know I've slacked off with the school stories lately...

I was with the kindergarteners when one raised his hand and was wiggling like crazy. He's this adorable little guy with thick glasses who always calls me "Miss Mouse".
J: "Miss Mouse- Guess what I have in my hand?!?!?" and holds his little clenched fist up
Me: "What??"
He opens his hand to show me a tiny snail shell
J:" Do you know what this is? This is a baby tyrannosaurus rex and it's about to hatch! (He holds it up to his ear) And he says he likes you!!"

How do I not giggle at something like that??
I met Cora May for the first time this past weekend and had a ton of fun with Elaine, Grammy, and Risa.


So, if you haven't heard, I was in an accident the day after Thanksgiving. I pulled out in front of a car that was turning and totalled both of our cars (the other car just happened to be a state trooper car :-( Long story short, I'm okay- I broke three bones in my foot and was bruised everywhere, and the other guy was fine (thank goodness!). Here are a couple of the pictures.

Halloween (I think this was the third time we dressed up that year:-)!!!

White water rafting- more influence from Shannon! It was very exciting and scary! We were on the upper Gauley River which has amazing rapids- we went over 5 class V rapids and a whole bunch more! It was so great!

My nephew, Charlie (wannabe Zoolander)


This past Saturday, team Muddy Balls played at Beulah Park. There were 254 teams who, together, raised over $90,000 for the Epilepsy Foundation of Central Ohio.