Tuesday, July 08, 2008


This job has not been good for my ego...

I had a K class in my room and one of the kids was being difficult, not getting off of his computer. I asked him nicely a time or two, then helped him off his computer, telling him he needed to flip his card. When his teacher got to the room, this is the conversation that went on...

Me: D, why don't you tell Miss J why you need to flip your card.
(He rolls his eyes)
Me: Okay, I'll help you. Did you listen the first time I asked you nicely?
(shrugs his shoulders and sighs)
Me: How about the second or third time I asked you?
D looks up at me and asks: Is there ANYBODY more annoying than YOU????
A couple days later, I was doing lunch duty and a second grader called me a bitch. (Another teacher later asked, "Well, were you being one?" and just for the record, no)

A week after that, a 5th grader called me a retard.

It's a good thing my feelings aren't hurt easily...

because yesterday, a first grader ran up to me and gave me a big hug, stopped and put his hand on my stomach. He looked up at me and innocently asked, "Miss H, are you having a baby???" I said, "No" and he said "It sure looks like you are!" Good thing I've already been working out and losing a bit of "baby" weight.

Oh my goodness...

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