Tuesday, July 08, 2008


First day of summer school- new confusing building, sure... but that is NO excuse...
Steve (3rd grader) asks where the bathroom is. The other teacher tells him it's right around the corner. Steve rounds the corner, unzips and pisses on the wall...
I guess he DID say he could go to the bathroom "right around the corner"


back to school!!
At a kindergarten home visit...
Jay runs down stairs and says, "come here guys! I need to show you something... I have something that no 5 year old should ever have..."
Me: "Well that certainly is intriguing. I'd like to see that."
His mom: "Me too!"
Travis (1st grade): "I keep my teeth nice and clean because I'm gonna get grillz just like my uncle..."


recess and fiction...
the kids come in from recess:
Carrie (1st): "I was running so much, I'm glistening.... glistening is how girls sweat"
Me: "So, why is this story fiction?"
Johnny (2nd): "Because coyotes can't put fleas in bags b/c they don't have opposable thumbs..."
(among other reasons.)

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