Saturday, July 24, 2010

My 10th high school reunion was last night. It was so much fun! Some of us met at Applebee's before hand, which was probably my favorite part because we all got to catch up. I was looking through some old pics- we took a pic where we were all hiking our skirts up because this was a popular pose for us at dances, so I wanted a comparison photo. I ended up finding all sorts of fun pictures...
dance fun (probably homecoming?)
After game dances were the BEST!

We always had fun at sleepovers...
more dance pics
Kate and I

no clue what we were getting into here...
at school
in college

legs pics...

And here are some pics 10 years later!

It was such a fun night! I wish we could get together more often!!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

This post is PG13...
Bill tricked me into agreeing to make a cake for his co-worker's 50th birthday...

The cake refused to come out of the pan, so I just put everything in the pan!

The final product- not bad for my first erotic cake :-)
...and my kitchen was trashed.

Kristin and Mike got married at the conservatory in Columbus. It was beautiful (and HOT)! Kaden was part of the ceremony (being pulled in a wagon by Lexie).

Kristin asked me to make a sign (with my cricut) for the back of Kaden's wagon...
The beautiful bride!
Kaden wanted to see me so bad during the ceremony, he wouldn't stop screaming until I picked him up :-)

...and this was on the other side of the sign.

We went to the Melting Pot afterwards for some delicious chocolate fondue. It was such a fun day!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ahhh, summer... I've been having so much fun spending time with friends and family, teaching a little here and there, lounging at the pool/beach, fishing, tubing... I can't believe it's mid July already!!!!
If you haven't heard yet, I took the Title 1 job that'll be Lincoln/South Lawn. If I wanted to stay with the tech job, I would've had to take some classes, which I wasn't thrilled about (obviously). I started out with Title 1 at Washington and loved it, so I'm excited to go back!
I need to find some time to go back and move my stuff... It won't happen in the next few weeks- I'm in 2 weddings (one in Vegas), have a high school reunion and a slew of appointments so if I'm MIA for a little while, that's why!
I'm still jogging as much as possible- I have a very important 5k in August. It's called the Jack Rabbit Run and it benefits Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). My brother in law and I have been talking trash about who's going to run it faster... his team has already killed my team (donation wise) so we'll see. He's a US Marshall and I wasn't built for running... so all I can do is my best :-) Anyway, all proceeds go to SMA families and research, so if you'd like to donate to this cause, here's the link:

Sunday, July 11, 2010

We spent the day out on the boat- Palmer was very nervous at first and Brin just loved it. We stopped at the beach and took the dogs swimming too- Palmer has never been swimming but did very well! He looked like a little otter!

Kristin is getting married this Friday! We took her to "On the Border" by Easton for some Margarita fun! It was such a fun night! Congrats, Kristin :-)
Kristin and I talked about making her wedding cake (before Mike's aunt volunteered) and we decided that we'd just make a cake for the bachlorette party... I don't know why they look so insanely dark in the pic

Looks pretty good- it was delicious!

Monday, July 05, 2010

Happy 4th! We went out on the lake with Bill's family- it was so fun!

More fishing fun...
Bill, Chuck (the FIL) and I went out fishing a couple times this weekend- they did pretty well. I only caught a couple little ones. Still super fun though!