Sunday, April 24, 2011

The nursery theme is going to be dogs (whether its a boy or girl). I couldn't resist getting these fabrics at Joann's on Friday. I'll prolly make a blanket and memory board with.these and I got some cute artsy ideas to make and put in cute frames... will post those when I get around to making them! When I was getting the material cut, the lady asked "is this for a girl dog?" I said yes bc I couldn't tell her it was for my baby at that point... :-)
I figure if it's a boy, I have lots of nieces that would appreciate pink girly-ness! And there's so much more boy dog stuff than girl doggy stuff, so it'll be easy to replace!
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I came home to spend Easter with my fam and am having so much fun! We let the kids dye eggs and then had our adult fun making these. Sharon got silk ties at good will. Cut the ties apart, tie them around the egg tightly(good side toward the egg), cover with nylons or white fabric, and boil in water and vinegar for 20 min. If you Google silk tie eggs, you'll get more complete directions.
Now, we got all silk ties and some worked awesome and some not at all... anyone out there know why that is?
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Zander loves 'baby sister' and can always make her laugh. Here are big hugs (supervised by papaw).
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Another pic of lexie. She's just so photogenic!
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Sunday, April 17, 2011


Our last appointment, Tex wouldn't cooperate and we couldn't get a clear shot. Dr. Hart said it looks like a girl, but not to go painting any rooms pink yet! I thought I'd be crushed if we didn't get a clear picture, but I don't really mind. He said we'd check again later! We did see the heart beating, mouth moving, hand up by face, and all sorts of bones- so neat!

20 weeks, Baby Bentz is moving more and more (and i'm loving it!) We've talked about names, but aren't telling anyone until the big day :-)

Saturday, April 02, 2011

I am stalking the eagle. We've only ever seen one at a time, but there was one in the nest, and the other flying around. So exciting!

I love the big tree in this pic. The eagle is to the right.

(Can you tell how much I love using the new camera??:-)
My ultra short spring break was this past Thursday and Friday. However, I signed up for a Title 1 conference on Thursday. It was a great conference, but dang, on Spring break??? Anyway, on Friday, I dropped Bill off at work and kept on going down to my sister, Sharon's house. We went to lunch, did some light shopping, watched a movie, ate ice cream... super fun day. After dinner, we went outside.

I'm calling the above picture "I'm telling"
The dogs all had a great time too!

We walked back to see the horses...

Bill's mom and dad have geese that frequent their back yard. The dogs LOVE to chase the geese. In fact, when you ask Palmer if he wants to "get the goose" he gets insanely excited and runs to the door, barking.
so cute!

Friday, April 01, 2011

18 weeks! I felt an unmistakable jab (just one though). Can't wait until it's more frequent! My appetite is back. I have a feeling my last appointment, losing 2 lbs will be my last happy scale experience for a while...