Sunday, January 10, 2010

We had our first snow day last Friday. I was terrified they wouldn't call school off- Thursday night it took me twice as long to get home as it usually does and it only got worse throughout the night! Bill was at classes until later and the roads were horrible for him- especially in AV.

So, it was a fun 3 day weekend. My plans were to get all my Christmas stuff away, which I did most of on Saturday, but we both ended up with food poisoning on Saturday night :-( We're still feeling run down, but hopefully, we'll be a little better by tomorrow. I'm super bored and tired of just sitting around. I was hoping to get the house nice and sparkly, but I was pretty much worthless today!

This is crazy Pdog with one of his toys.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

We got a bunch of snow and went sledding at Davis Beach in Apple Valley. Not as good as the sledding last year, but still a fun time. Next time we go, we'll take the dogs- there were 4 goldens (one puppy) and a black lab there. I'm still really enjoying living out here and how pretty it is. I took my camera with us when we went sledding but kinda forgot about it. Oh well. Next time.

Massive baking fail...

I had some very ripe bananas, so I figured I'd make some delicious banana bread. I mixed up all the ingredients, put them in a pan and baked them at 325 for 40 minutes. I check it regularly and sure enough, it sure looks done. So, I take it out and let it cool, come back in 10 minutes and the flippin' thing has deflated or something. so I stick a knife in it and it's super gooey, but like I said, the outside is done. I decide to flip it onto a plate to better evaluate the situation. It SLIDES out of the pan (in a bad tidal wave kinda sliding way). Being the resourceful person I am, I put it on a baking sheet and decide to make a.... well I'm not even sure what to call it- Banana lump? I suck at baking! Here are some pictures for your amusement:

After the tidal wave

The banana lump

Bill actually laughed when I brought it to him to eat.

On a totally unrelated note: Happy 2010!
We had a very fun holiday season and hope you did too!