Saturday, July 24, 2010

My 10th high school reunion was last night. It was so much fun! Some of us met at Applebee's before hand, which was probably my favorite part because we all got to catch up. I was looking through some old pics- we took a pic where we were all hiking our skirts up because this was a popular pose for us at dances, so I wanted a comparison photo. I ended up finding all sorts of fun pictures...
dance fun (probably homecoming?)
After game dances were the BEST!

We always had fun at sleepovers...
more dance pics
Kate and I

no clue what we were getting into here...
at school
in college

legs pics...

And here are some pics 10 years later!

It was such a fun night! I wish we could get together more often!!!

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Kendra's fan club said...

Fun times! Mine isn't until the end of August, but should be fun!