Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Tristyn: "My baby brother is getting put to sleep tomorrow..."
When asked what she wants to be when she grows up, Alyssa quickly responds: "The fashion police" while Liam wants to be a brave knight and Scott wants to be BatMan...
Journal entry/attempt to suck up by Brooke...
"I found a dog that was lost. I went to every house on the block. No one claimed her so I asked my mom to keep it. I was not allowed, so I gave it to my Nana. She loves her. We named her Rachel. She is nice, sweet, and cute like you. That is where we got the name."
Brooke gets an A hehe


So we took our first and kindergarteners to Rolling Ridge Ranch- it just has a whole bunch of really neat animals. There's a part where you ride through on a horse drawn wagon and another petting area. The kids just looooooved this and I should've carried around a pen and paper all day for the great comments I got from them! I guess I'll just have to blog the ones I remember (which aren't very many unfortunately)... What a fun day!!!!
Before the field trip- talking about what we were going to see:
Liam: "I've never seen a REAL animal before!!
After the field trip:
Me: "What was your favorite animal?"
T: "The hot bellied pigs! They were so cute!"
After school, Johnny stops in my room...
Johnny: "Miss H, can I come to your house for the weekend?"
Me: "You wouldn't like it there- I'm too boring!"
Johnny: "I bet I'd love it! I'd do your dishes and everything!"
tempting offer
PS- I got to pet a water buffalo, a zebra, a texas long horn, a baby camel, a llama, a donkey and I also got to hold a duckling! Yeah, I did it... Jealous??? hehe


Another fun school story...

The first grade teacher and I were talking before school and started giggling and couldn't stop (even when the kids got there)
About an hour later, one of my little girls said, "I know why you were so crazy this morning... It's because you drink too much coffee and it makes you hyper like a little kid..."


Again with the two year old nephew:
Me: Are you silly??
Noah: NO!!
Me: Then what are you?
Noah: I'm a chameleon!
(I'm pretty sure he meant comedian... hehe)


The second grade teacher got a new hair cut. Hunter walks into the room and says, "Whoa! Mrs. M has a mini-fro!"
I was doing a math review with a small group of second graders and was explaining that they had to make both sides of the equation equal. Tanner stops, thinks REALLY hard and says, "What kind of equal do you mean???"
My phone was set to vibrate and in my purse. It went off while I was with a group of kids. Taylor asked what it was and I tell her it was just my phone.
T: Well aren't you going to answer it?
Me: You guys are much more important then a phone call...
T: What if it's a bill collector???


Kindergartener retelling the story Jack and the Beanstalk...

Emily: "Jack sold his cow and planted a bean. Then he had to climb up and up and up and up until he finally saw Jesus..."

Must have missed that part in the original story


Just another day...
We had just finished a lesson on maps in the kindergarten room when the principal walks in... Thinking we would impress her, the K teacher asks if anyone can tell her what the capital of the U.S. After a long quiet pause, Emily raises her hand and says, "Washington Elementary D.C."


funniest teacher quote ever...
We were lining up to go on a field trip. The first grade teacher meant to say "Zack and his row, line up" but it came out "Zack and his hoe, line up"... I then giggled for about two hours straight...

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