Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Maybe I'll change my name too...

Just back from the bookmobile with the kindergarteners...
Me: "Come on, Brian! It's time for recess"
Brian: "From now on, my name is Book Mobile. Call me Book Mobile"

Cassie: "After school, I'm going to Urgent Care. I caught a bad cough from my dog..."

Who wouldn't love this job???


My nephew (out of no where...)

Noah: "Rachel, you should take pineapple to school. Get a knife out of the fridge and cut it up and give it to the kids. Kids like pineapple..."


I would like everyone to know that I've been mooned by a first grader. He was mad, because he was on the fence... that didn't make his situation any better, but it did make me giggle...

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