Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Welcome to my blog! I'm transferring my blog over which mostly consists of teaching stories and fun pictures!


Why I loooove my job...

I was doing some testing with a kindergartner. He was doing really well, so I told him how great he was doing and asked him, “How did you get so smart?” He got real serious, thought about it for a minute and said, “Well, ducks are really smart, and I pet a lot of ducks...”


It was picture day so all the kids were dressed up really cute! I was joking around with one of them and asked if I could borrow their outfit to wear to school the next day. She promptly said no. When I asked her why, she was quick to explain, “When I get home from school today, I’m going to put it on my dog...”Hehe...A little boy picked up a marker that didn’t have any writing on the outside of it. His eyes got huge and he yelled, “THIS MARKER IS BUCK NAKED!!!”

Who wouldn’t love this job?
More later...


A couple more...
"Miss H, do you brush your hair EVERY day?" - I guess I should start getting up a little earlier...

2nd grader writes a question to me in an interest journal: "What is the silver wore? Why do we have a silver wore? Is the silver wore bad?"I ask her about it and she says: "You know... the CIVIL WAR?" hehe...

Lunch duty: L: "Miss H! I get to sit with the ladies! All the hot chicks!" (first grader!!!!)


The night before was the Christmas play and I had told a kindergartner he looked very handsome...
The next day he comes to school and says "Look Miss H... I'm still handsome!"

Letter of the week "F": "Miss H, I know a cuss word that begins with f..." followed by a talk about what's appropriate at school.

On my birthday:
Caley: "Miss H, are you 52?"
Me: "not quite that old yet!"
C: "Are you as old as santa? becaus he must be really old- like 60!"


More fun school quotes:

Me: "Remind me- I’ll probably forget if you don’t"
~Ty (1st): "It’s because you’re getting so old, isn’t it?"

"If I had a duck, I’d put it in a soundproof box"
~Hanna (1st)

"Miss H, when I first met you, you were skinny!"
~Lee (K)

"*sigh* Girls, can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em"
~Austin (2nd)

After a tough discussion about families and differences:
Me "Families and people come in all different shapes and sizes!"
Casey "You mean I could have a square head right now?!?"


the best journal entry ever...

A journal by Deryk (2nd grade)

"Yesterday I was playing basketball and I slam dunked it. I was as high as Michael Jordan. Except I am not black. I know what I am going to do. I am going to spray paint myself."

hehe, I guess it's logical to a 2nd grader...



I was having breakfast with my 2 year old nephew, Noah:
Me: "What?!?"
Noah: "Big Ol' CHICKEN!"

Conversation observed between 2 kindergarteners:
James: "Spiderman's my friend! He calls me all the time!"
Tre: "I don't even know Spiderman's phone number!!!"
James: "It's 0....1....2.....and......ummmm..... FIVE!"
I walk into my first grade room with my glasses on for the first time...
Caley: "Miss H, now you look like a REAL teacher!"


hope you're not getting sick of my kiddie stories- they're just too funny....

Lunch duty: Walking past the kindergarten table, I hear one boy say to another "Chinese men don't eat chocolate!"
More testing... We read a story about taking care of your teeth and the question said: what's one way to take care of your teeth: go to the dentist, eat candy, or play sports?
Without even pausing, Cam says "Playing sports"... pure curiosity made me ask him why playing sports would be good for teeth. He calmly explained that when he runs, wind blows through his teeth getting rid of the gunk...
I guess that one might be more sad then funny
All the teachers had morning meetings that lasted longer then they should have and were running around like crazy before school (a little frazzled). I was in the second grade room when Tanner asks, "what's wrong with you guys? You look like you went out drinking last night..."

Good observation, buddy.


Making Easter crafts (chickens) in second grade... Deep Thoughts, by Katelin: "You know how God made us? Well, we're making chickens..." _________________________________________________________
Squirmy Deryk falls out of his seat and hits his stomach on the corner of the desk. He jumps up, grabs his stomach and yells: "Oooooh! My kidneys!!!!" __________________________________________________________
Sandra: Miss H, have you ever heard a parrot talk?
Me: Yep
De: What's a parrot top?

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