Tuesday, July 08, 2008


my new job?

My third graders have been slacking off in writing the endings to their stories for writing lab... they just kinda leave the story hanging at the end when they get sick of writing and lazy. So I wrote a really bad story about how my alarm didn't go off, I got fired, and was looking for a new job. I photocopied it, they edited it and wrote a better ending. I let some of them read their endings (unfortunatly without looking at them first).

Tyler stands up and reads his nice little story about how Miss H gets a new job at Hooters and lives happily ever after...


Tempting offer :-)

Cafeteria duty:
Jason (kindergarten) raises his hand.
J: Miss H, I have 2 questions for you. First: Do you like chop suey?
Me: Sure!
J: Also, will you marry me?
Me: Well, you're awfully hansome, but a little bit young...

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