Tuesday, July 08, 2008


I was doing diagnostic testing with the kindergarteners and pulling them out of the classroom one by one. It was finally Jason's turn (he had been asking me to take him) and he walks into the room and here's how the conversation went

J: "Evan should go next!"

Me: "Yep, actually Evan is next!"

J: "Wow! I must be using "the force"!"

(Keep in mind this is the little boy who once introduced himself as "Luke Skywalker)


For my 2nd grade class, they each have a journal and a long list of topics. I let a student pick one off the list for the whole class to write about in their journals. One of the topics was "Who do you want to marry? What should the person you marry be like?" or something like that. The answers were so flippin' cute... they have the right priorities

Carry: "Somebody who is smart, but not too smart and somebody who will spend time with me. He has to be romantic, funny, and cute. I want a guy that has short brown hair and green eyes. Someone that will help with the kids if we ever have any and help out around the house."

Jenny: "I would like a boy that is nice, cute, takes me out to eat, takes care of me and one that helps me take care of my baby sister."

Emily: "A dress, high heels, that one thing that covers my face. Wear a white dress. I will marry a nice man. I will marry a man that is sweet, kind. I will marry a man that takes care of my children really well. When I'm gone, a nice man will take care of the dogs."

Kevin: " I should marry a pretty girl. I would marry a girl that knows how to cook. I want a girl who has brown hair."


This year is the first year I've worked with third grade (I've been K-2 for the past two years). I was just finishing a writing lesson with the third grader and I was walking out of the room when I ran into a fourth grader.

Dillan: "You teach third grade too?"

Me: "Yep, I just started this year!"

Dillan: "What, did you get a promotion or something?"

ummmm, yeah, something like that

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