Monday, December 06, 2010

What the rip am I going to do about Christmas cards this year???
I haven't even THOUGHT about them yet. The choices are: buying a few boxes (eh...), taking a cute picture of the dogs (like the "hope your Christmas doesn't stink" with Brin in a skunk costume, or "have a super Christmas" with Brin in a super girl costume- like I did a few years ago), or crafting them (like last year). I'd really rather not just get a box, but time is ticking. If I could think of another cute saying for a picture with the dogs, I'd like to do that... but my brain hates being creative at the moment. That would be fast, and crafting cards always gets so involved and takes so long. Bleh... Any cute ideas? Is another dog Christmas card going to make me the crazy dog lady???


The Locke Family said...

You need a kid! haha

Rachel B said...

hehe yeah, my dogs are my kids right now :-) Weird, I know!

Jeanne said...

Ok, you can copy my card for this the way I need your address. Take a pic of the back of the dogs...butts showing...the saying on the card is
Nothing BUTT a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our house to yours. I think mine say Nothing BUTT Happy I can't remember...go figure. Whatever you do it will be wonderful!