Tuesday, August 04, 2009

More house drama...
Okay, so last we left off, the buyer had backed out. The seller that we were buying our house from was also in contract on another house, so it was the trickle down effect. She called our realtor the next day and said that she'd take money off her price so we could put it toward the fixes that our buyer wanted. So we contacted the buyer (who was still very wishy-washy"I have to talk to my parents" or "I need another 50 people to come inspect everything") and had another basement guy out to tell us if we really needed I beams put in the basement. He said he wouldn't if it was his house, but if you were to be extra cautious, he'd put in 6 at the most (the buyer had requested 11). So, we contacted the buyer AGAIN and told him that we'd have a structural engineer out and we'd to whatever he said we should do to the basement. The seller shoots back with a quick "no, want 11 I beams installed" (which just tells me he wants the $ and knows the I beam talk is crap.) so we tell him that we'll stick to the original offer, and include the money from our seller... He wants to have someone come out and inspect the roof again (the flashing around the chimney is questionable) and get an estimate of how much that'll be to fix. Keep in mind that this guy is getting a steal on this house to begin with... So anyway, he agreed to that, so we're in contract again... I'm not holding my breath or anything but here's hoping!!! I might've missed something, so I hope this all makes sense.

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