Friday, September 04, 2009

Our new house!
I took these pics the night we closed... I know the pics are a little excessive, but I'm so excited and maybe can get some good decorating ideas from my creative friends! We have tons of boxes in now (scattered everywhere and driving my crazy!). This weekend, I hope to get a ton of the organizing done!



Guest bedroom


Eating area
Can you tell I love the kitchen???

Master bathroom

Master bedroom

Laundry room (right next to MB!)

Living Room

Deer in our front yard:-)

When we started moving things in- can you tell I don't feel good? :-)


The Gombas Clan said...

So gorgeous!!! All your labels are messed up though, so it is pretty funny!
I can't wait to see it in person! Love you tons and have fun organizing this week!

Rachel B said...

weird. they look right on my computer...oh well. I can't wait to have you guys over either!!!

bethloomis said...

love the new house! it's so beautiful and what a great lot!

Doug, Christy, Ella and Lucy said...

love the new house! so awesome that the laundry room is next to the bedroom! that would be nice!

for your labels - i think i know why they aren't with your pictures. when you upload the pictures - pick on the right for them to be centered -not right or left. that way you can write above or below the picture. i could never get the words to go with the picture on the other settings. it is when you choose the pictures.:)

Rachel B said...

Thanks Christy!!!!

Kendra's fan club said...

I love the new house and the kitchen is awesome! We will have to come visit before that guest bedroom has a Rachel or Bil junior in it =) Miss you!