Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Busy! Busy!
I decided to make my own Christmas cards this year using my cricut. I'll be posting pics of them after I send them out. I've only made about 20 and I need a whole lot more than that...The plan is to make as many as possible this weekend (maybe come up with a more simple design so I can crank 'em out faster). My sister and nephew are coming to visit, so I can make her and Z-man help. Diana is so good at the crafty stuff and is going to teach me how to sew(starting this weekend).
School is going well. I'm anxious to get back to the regular schedule after the holidays- I feel like we haven't gotten a whole bunch done lately with all the plays and general crazyness. Needless to say, I'm so excited for Christmas break! We go up until next Tuesday! We survived both the big and little kids Christmas programs and they were so cute!
Bill starts a new job with APex this Friday. I'll blog more about that when I understand it more :-) so thoughts and prayers that it goes well would be appreciated!
One of my best friends (that came to our wedding about a year ago) recently was engaged and has set the date to get married in Vegas at Ceasar's on July 31st! Katie and I met in college when we were both doing a summer program for kids in Sicily. I'm going to be part of the bridal party! I'm so excited!


Jeanne said...

Congratulations to Bill on the new job! So it is back to Vegas this summer...I am sure that REALLY disappoints Can't wait to see your Christmas card. Probably put mine to shame. I did a simple pic of Brody. I plan to post it on my blog later as well. Have fun crafting this weekend!Hey, when are we going to get to see your place?

Kendra's fan club said...

I am more excited!!!! I can't wait to see you and challenge you at box of death. I think we should have teams of 10 people now that we are older though... thoughts?