Friday, August 27, 2010

First week of school- SURVIVED!
Yeay me! So, there are many, many differences I'm experiencing settling into my new position at Lincoln and South Lawn. So far, I'm still trying to get a schedule, which I can't set until I get mass amounts of data and analyze it to make sure I'm helping the "right" kids... weird, right? That's the most frustrating part of my job. Hopefully, this will get done EARLY this coming week... If I hear one more acronym (DIBLES, KRAWL, ED, SWD...) my head just might explode.
Reading what I just wrote, this move could be much worse. After all, I'm learning all sorts of new stuff :-) The staff at both schools have been insanely nice, and of course, the kids are awesome. I was talking to a first grader (who was being ornery). Well, here's how it went:
Me: I bet trouble is your middle name!
Student: Yeah, I get that a lot...
Hmmm, I had more quotes that I was going to post, but I think my brain is at capacity after this week.
Another similarity- I had a 'runner' my first week at Central make me look like an incompetent slacker too...

Having said all this and how grateful I am to still have a job, leaving South Lawn the other day, a bus drove by with a load of my former students, all smiling, waving and screaming "MRS. BENTZ!!!!!" I seriously wanted to cry. I do miss students and my Central friends, but overall, I'm pleased with how the school year is going.

On another note (I know, longest blog post ever) the Jack Rabbit Run is the day after tomorrow. For those of you that don't know, both my nephew and niece have been diagnosed with SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy). I've never had the privilege to run for something I'm so passionate about. My team raised about $1,700 (my brother-in-laws team raised something like $7,000...). Diana came down last weekend and we tie-dyed about 60 shirts (through some serious trial and error...) and her and Sharon are screening "Team A to Z" on them- I'm sure I'll have pics to post of the race (although my camera is on the fritz- boooooo). Wish me luck- my back has been killing me (I know, excuses...) so we'll see.

Loving the cold nights! Tomorrow, I'll set up the fire pit, clean my mess of a house, and pick up the hubby that I haven't seen for two weeks! He's been in Florida for business (or so he says:-) and while I've been sleeping in the middle of the bed (with 2 dogs), eating all the weird foods that he hates for dinner, and having marathon sessions of watching shows like "Say Yes to the Dress" and "Cake Boss", I've missed him like crazy!

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