Sunday, October 03, 2010

Bill and I went fishing yesterday and again today. We were using minnows and catching a ton (I caught way more than he did :-). We were just fishing in the canal behind his mom and dad's house and Bill goes inside to help his mom and dad pack up the car. All of the sudden, I hear a giant SPLASH... Brin fell in. The canal is a good 2 or 3 feet below the edge, so for me to lift an 80 pound dog by her collar/skin on her neck while laying on my stomach in the mud was pretty unlikely. Brin also showed me that she sucks at swimming when under pressure-so I'm trying to hold her head above water. So at this point, I'm screaming for Bill to come help. He comes down from the house and can't stop laughing long enough to help me hoist her up. He finally helps me, we get her up on land (not before she soaks me from head to toe). It was not funny at the time, but is since she's okay. It was an eventful fishing fiasco for sure.
*Walking fail for Brin*

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