Tuesday, January 25, 2011


December 24th: Suspect the pregnancy... Bill drops me off at the store to get chips and milk. I get back in the car with chips, milk, and a pregnancy test. I show him. He almost drives off the road. Decide I'll wait a few days to take it.

December 25th: wake up at 5 am... can't stop thinking about test. I take it, get a plus sign, think about Bill's reaction the day before and go sit on the couch for an hour. Decide I better tell him. Stand up. Decide not to rush it. Sit down, watch an episode of Pawn Stars... Repeat a couple times. Finally crawl back into bed with Bill and wake him up. "Sooooo, what would you say if I took a preggo test..." "And???" "And it's positive"
The guy coulnd't have had a better reaction!

December 27th: Wake up with the worst hangover I've ever had, and I didn't drink a thing the night before... The sisters have sprung into action- giving me a big stack of baby books, changing table, clothes... This is what my night stand looks like:
December 29th: Discover baby loves asian food (specifically spicy scallop roll, and tofu dynamite roll- both cooked, don't worry)... or maybe it's me that loves asian food.

Jan 1st: Wake up with the most intense craving for fried rice ever. Teach myself how to make fried rice. Eat about 3 pounds of it. Are these really from baby or in my head?

Jan 15th ish: start feeling car sick constantly. Not so bad, just uncomfortable. Constantly craving salty stuff. Need to find a healthier replacement for dill pickles and green olives... On another note, bill has been good about bringing dinner home once in a while. The only problem is, I want something, get it, take three bites and want something else.

Jan 20th: First doctor's appointment! Love the doctor, got to see the baby and the heart beat- am loving every second of it! So amazing!!! Due date is Sept 2nd!
So anyway, I'm only 8 weeks along. I know this is early, but with the picture, I had to show people and spilled the beans here and there. I'm still feeling car sick and feel bad if I eat too much or not enough or the wrong thing and am having headaches, but not bad! Bill's a trooper. He says he wants a boy eventually but doesn't really care. I don't care, but want to know for sure asap. Anyway, I'm going home this weekend and will probably tell grandparents and aunts and uncles... This'll be my mom and dad's 8th grandchild and my grandparents 14th (I think) great grandchild!
There won't be belly pictures for a loooong time because, let's face it, it'll just be a beer belly for quite a while longer :-)


Kendra's fan club said...

YEAH!!!! Congrats Mama! I love the day by day playback. So excited for you and Bill! =)

Baby Mama said...

yay!!! Congratulations! I am so excited for you guys!!

Rachel B said...

Thanks :-) I'm super excited! Esp to have a preggo buddy!!!

josh, julia, ethan, and amaya fisher said...

Yay!! Congratulations Rachel!! SO excited for you!! Being a mom is the biggest blessing in the world!

Jeanne said...

You will be a FABULOUS mommy and I'm sure Bill will be a GREAT daddy. SO happy for you both. If there is ANYTHING I can do just call. Miss ya!