Friday, February 11, 2011

Dad sent me some pictures he took of when we went to feed the birds a couple weekends ago. Aren't they so cute???

On an unrelated note, baby Bentz, (who has been nicknamed Tex- long, had to be there story) is the size of a lime. According to, Tex is starting to get fingernails and hair follicles (hopefully, Bill's hair follicles). I'm feeling okay- still exhausted and car sick, but love it :-) The foods I (usually) love right now include dill pickles, green olives, tomatoes, green peppers, dilly bars, saltines, and dove chocolate. yum. That's not all I eat, don't worry- I'm making a good effort at eating healthy, but baby is a bad influence sometimes.


Jeanne said...

Glad you are feeling ok. That's my girl blaming all those bad cravings like Dilly bars and Dove chocolate on baby Good one! Hope to see you soon. Jeanne

Rachel B said...

What can I say? Baby has good taste!