Monday, September 12, 2011

Hope this isn't a TMI post :-)
My original due date was Sept 1st. I had an OB appointment for that day. My blood pressure had been high, so I had a feeling he'd be inducing me, but didn't think he'd send me straight to the hospital! We dropped the dogs off at FIL's house and headed over to St. Ann's. They started me on pitocin right away (about 11:00), then on his lunch break, my OB came over and put in a foley cathedar. This took me from 1-4 cm in about an hour, so I was all- this is gonna be fast :-) Not so much. I labored for as long as I could and got an epidural and took a nice little nap. At about 3 in the morning, the nurse came in and started discussing a c-section since I wasn't progressing very quickly. BP shot up after hearing that. She put me on my side and left for a while. I started feeling super intense pressure so I called nurse back in and she said I was just about ready to start pushing! Long story short, Maggie was born at 7 am! We gave her the middle name of Louise after my MIL.
We're doing great and home. Bill only got to take a couple days off, so that was hard, but my mom came and stayed for the first work week at home. I might have her come back this week so I can take naps :-)

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