Saturday, October 31, 2009

Diana and I went to the Bucks/Aggies game today. We had so much fun! I do have to admit (much to Bill's dismay) that my favorite part was the half time show. Since it was Halloween, they had a special spooky program- the band spelled out Halloween at the beginning. They played twilight zone music and made a Dracula and a jack-o-lantern. They also played "Thriller" and had Michigan zombies, which the drum major beat up (and of course, they all did the thriller dance). Ghost Busters was the next song and Brutus was riding in the car. The band made the stay puff marshmallow man and the ghost buster symbol. I was so impressed! Oh, and Ohio State won 45-0, so that was good too :-).
We went to BJ's for some delicious avocado rolls and pizza afterwards. It was a very fun day!!

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