Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sharon and Karoly took their youth group to Cedar Point and invited me to tag along. We spent Sunday at the park. We got "lost" on the way there- and the reason lost is in quotes is because we were going the right direction and turned around! The lines were short and the weather was beautiful! The kids were great- one of the nicest groups of kids I've ever met! We got to ride everything we wanted to except for Top Thrill. That was closed for a good portion of the day. Sharon and I ate a late dinner and noticed that there was NO line for the Raptor on our way back to the hotel, so after a big dinner of hamburgers and waffle fries, we rode. Surprisingly, neither of us puked, but I sure thought I was gonna after the ride! Not the smartest thing we've ever done.
We stayed at the hotel on the beach and got to get in the pool and walk on the beach the next day. That was very relaxing and fun! The whole trip was a nice mini-vacation!

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