Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bill had the day off and took me to the zoo! We had such a good time. The animals were (for the most part) up and active! I had so much fun taking pictures of the animals!

The thinker...

This guy was pretending- he kept peeking through his fingers at us! Super cute!

We took the boat ride :-)

I thought this was so cute- he was out!

I love manatees!

These goats were sleeping on the walls really high up!

new friends


We got to see the baby elephant! It's so cute! It was also a miracle he didn't get stepped on- he stayed right under his mom's feet and was trying to nurse while she was trying to walk...

"Mom! Wait up! Momma! Mommy! Mom!"

This rhino was getting his teeth brushed. He seemed pretty happy to be getting it done!

Clean teeth!

There was a cage with a family of monkies- the mom, dad, 3 year old son, and new baby. They were so active, swinging and chasing eachother around and the baby was adorable!

So much fun!

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Jeanne said...

Hey Rach
Don't you just love the zoo! Pat and I have been thinking about going again soon. Love the pic from the golf course.
Miss ya!